A Glimpse through the Gate

Hello everybody,
do you remember the English Paper Piecing project I made for the challenge of the German Quilt Guild?
It's finished and meanwhile has been sent to the Guild for the Guild exhibition, in the last second, literally.

Here it is, the first quilt I ever made for a Quilt Guild challenge. I am so looking forward to see it hanging on the wall in the Guild exhibition with all the other quilts from the challenge.

I gave it a dense quilting in the grey trellis and kind of small leafy garlands in the green regions which I wanted to resemble the bushes and leaves in the background. When you take a close look you can see in the center below that in some spots I quilted the garlands over the trellis to give the illusion of branches growing in front of the trellis (and it helped me to travel along the green parts ☺).

I had to wait several days, until a sunny day came. I almost forgot the quilt because it was such a busy day, but then rather late in the afternoon I suddenly remembered that I wanted to take pictures of the garden quilt. I grabbed my camera, ran out in the garden and put my baby on the line at the back of our neighbor's garden shed. The long shadows of the afternoon make the colored flowers pop out from the background in such a dramatic way, it's an almost three dimensional effect. Exactly what I wanted.
Then I thought about the right name for this beauty. "Enchanted" didn't seem to fit; I was afraid nobody would understand what I wanted to tell. The quilt needed a more direct name. I showed it to my always supportive wife and asked her about her opinion, and she had THE idea: Why not call the quilt "A glimpse through the Gate"? she asked. And so it is. A perfect name for this little quilt.