Penny Sampler Quilt Episode 6: June

This month I started sewing the blocks for Rachel's Penny Sampler Quilt really late. I was very busy with several small English Paper Piecing projects I want to show in September on the Tatting Show in Achern (for a glimpse see the previous blogpost) and there are more to come 😃. I had a lot of fun piecing the small items and sort of forgot about time. And then summer hit us with full force. There is only one song coming to my mind for the heatwave: "Hot time, summer in the city..." Though I am actually not living in the city, the region around Ludwigsburg is one of the warmest regions in the south of Germany. During these days I had two options next to my day job (teaching and exams): sweating and ... sweating. No straightforward thinking, no sewing, no blocks for the Penny Sampler.
Luckily the heatwave didn't last too long, there were some nice small thunderstorms with some rain and finally I found the time to start with the blocks for June.

The first part of the June section was the Hanging Diamond Border. It went together quick and easy and gives the big grey slab a nice splash of color.

The next block was the Snowflake, a block I had been waiting sooo long to start sewing. It is one of the big blocks and I chose bold colors, black, deep blue and a fiery orange. After the block was finished I was not sure at all if this had been the right choice for the quilt. The block is standing out really bold. Then I decided to rearrange all the finished blocks on the design wall to the spots where they are meant to be and ... voilà: it works. The block is bold, yes, but it corresponds well with the blue square with red and yellow hearts in the right top corner (see here). And there is another big block to come where I am planning to use the blue again.

The last block was the Stacked Pine. It was easy, too, but when it came to measuring and trimming I realized that my seam allowance had been a bit too generous. So I had to add some fabric to the edges to get the size right.

So far I think I am doing rather well with Rachel's sewing exact 1/4" seams though at the moment I am feeling a little need for sewing "quick and dirty". Maybe after the blocks for July I'll take a little break and do some improvisational piecing, haha.

What to do with the half square triangles that are the cut offs of the flying geese units of the Stacked Pine? Well I took them, stitched them together and now I have a funny team of squares waiting for the right moment to go into a scrappy project.